Julia Zaleski

Hello and welcome. I’m Julia Zaleski and I’m a light chaser.


My soul hungers for adventure, and views from plane windows leave me breathless.

It's been sewn into my stitching since girlhood, beginning in strawberry fields and miles of forest, where I'd chase my brother with short little legs. 

I became an image creator at 14 because the world felt like magic. I wanted to show people how beautiful this life was through my eyes, so I saved for a Nikon P90 that never left my satchel. 

It trained my eye to seek beauty and light in moments, and it kept me soft and open, despite constant bruised knees, so that I'd know beauty when I saw it.

But as it goes, the bruises piled up, and my eyes grew dim to that light for a season of years. I was less inclined to show that view through my lens and forgot my camera on the shelf. 

But God is so gracious to remind us who we are, and He put me by way of such beauty, I couldn't help but find my wonder.

I wiped the dust from my lens and it trained me to see again.

Much love,

Julia Zaleski



Will travel for the ultimate shot!




Adventure photography

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